Friday, August 30, 2013

Home Laser Hair Removal Machine

LHR is one of the most useful methods of hair removal in terms of efficiency and is very safe when used appropriately. Laser technology is much more efficient than temporary solutions like shaving or waxing and much less aching than electrolysis.

Laser technology is something that saves you from agony of re-growing hairs and a Home Laser Hair Removal Machine is something that saves you from spending time and effort for arranging a visit to the clinic. At the same time home laser hair removal machine saves you from consuming your hard earned money for the treatments in the clinics.

This product will allow you to receive the treatment on your own at home. An entire treatment at a clinic performed by a doctor can cost you somewhere approximately in the bracket of $1,000 to $3,000 whereas because of Home Laser Hair Removal Machine, same will cost around $800 to $1,000.

It means that you will not like to attend an expensive clinic especially with the short of time and budget, anyhow you need to be extra careful when using a home laser hair removal machine because it may prove a dangerous apparatus in the wrong hands.

One of the advantages of a laser machine at home is that you can have treatment for considerably lower price than that of going to a clinic and particularly it becomes more important in case of large areas treatment as you need a number of sessions.

Secondly it is also very important factor that in case of a laser machine at home, you don’t need for an appointment instead you can perform a treatment any time at your comfort. The areas of your body that are less hairy could be  treated  very easily resulting into an attractive, smoother, more hairless skin at home  but at a clinic you have to pay  large sums of money for professional treatment even for these areas too.

Before you buy a machine, you need to know about your requirement because there are different types of lasers suitable for different types of skin and hair as going for a wrong type of machine may result into some negative side effects. When you look for the home laser hair removal machine for sale, you can get a new one.

You can try to try to find used laser hair removal machines as these are available on auction sites and at discount stores.  Obviously these machines are cheaper, but you should be sure about the condition as you have to do your research before buying.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cute Medium Hairstyles

Straight Hair

I know a lot of you guys have naturally straight hair but don't appreciate it as much because you feel as though it's "boring". I just want to let you guys know how envious I am of you guys who have such beautiful naturally straight hair because of how neat it looks. If you have a longer type of face shape, straight hair would look amazing on you! If you don't suit a middle parting, try out a side swept bang/fringe to frame your face for a cuter look!

meow : Cute Medium Hairstyles

Wavy/Curly Hair

Wavy and curly hair looks just as good as straight hair! The waves in your hair gives you and effortless type of look that can be worn as an everyday look. Unlike straight hair, wavy/curly hair often looks more volumized and gives your hair that extra "bounce" as you strut down the runway (because you're all models!). Curly hair is usually worn on more formal occasions since it's known to give a more sophisticated and classy look.
meow : Cute Medium Hairstyles

Half Updo

You know on one of those lazy days where you cant be bothered finishishing curling/straightening your hair, then the half updo is perfect for you! It's sweet, casual, adorable and can be worn to weddings or any other special occasions. If having hair flying into your face annoys you then this updo is perfect! All you need are a bobby pins to pin down the sides of your fringe and you're good to go!

meow : Cute Medium Hairstyles

Braided Updo

This is a more difficult type of approach to a formal occasion. If you get super worried about how your hair would look in a picture, then braided updos would keep your hair nicely in place! Small sections of braids or even a huge braid would nicely crown your head like an accessory yet you still don't have to worry about hair flying in your face or those annoying parts that stick out unknowingly.

meow : Cute Medium Hairstyles

Braided Headband

I've only came across this type of hairstyle today and I'm already so in love with it! If you can't see in the pictures (click to enlarge), it's basically a hairstyle where you take a section of hair, braid it then wrap it around your head like a headband! It's so adorable and saves you the money of having to buy a new headband.
meow : Cute Medium Hairstyles

Ombre Hair

Sorry I know I mentioned this in the last post but I've been so obsessed with ombre hair lately because of how gorgeous it looks. The colour transitioning looks so natural yet it looks amazing! It looks even better on medium hair because of how colourful it is. Plus, there's so many colours to choose from! I love it so much I'm actually going to get a pastel pink and purple done to my hair this Saturday!

meow : Cute Medium Hairstyles

Hair Chalking

Remember how I mentioned hair chalking in the other post? If you guys still have no idea what it is, it basically is a substitute for dying your hair. The colours aren't as vibrant but hair chalks come in a wide variety. It doesn't damage your hair at all and it's fun to experiment with the different crazy colours!
meow : Cute Medium Hairstyles

Friday, August 23, 2013

Flattering Holiday Hairstyles For Career Women

More than any other time of the year, the holidays demands so much from women in terms of fashion and hairstyle. It is during this season that you must look your best. Next to dresses, choosing flattering hairstyles is the next biggest challenge that women are faced with during the holidays.

What with all the parties, reunions and other social functions to go to, how can you effortlessly shift from one look to another?

One fashion tip that you must remember is to wear a look that's right for your age. As with clothes, there are styles that are appropriate for certain age ranges and there are those which are not. Here's a brief rundown of the best holiday hairstyles for women in their 20s and 30s.

Holiday Hairstyles For 20s

For late teens and women in their twenties, they can pretty much get away with any look they want as long as they can carry it well. These holiday hairstyles would be perfect for formal dinners with your boyfriend's parents or a night out clubbing with the girls.

1. Do the Twist- A small twist or two thin braids tied at the back, just over your ear line, is ideal for a casual to semi formal affair. You can accessorize with a small shiny hair accent to make the hairstyle more current.
2. Try the Evening Ponytail. The ponytail still makes for a neat and sophisticated hairstyle. You can leave loose strands of hair in the front and twirl them for a fresher, younger look.
3. Pretty Spirals and Twirly Curls. If you've always wanted to look like Barbie, the holidays are the perfect opportunity. You can use curlers or set them on foam wrap products and add shine spray to finish off the look.

Holiday Hairstyles for 30s

The career woman and the mom need some more holiday hairstyle ideas for this season. Since she's already wearing so many different hats, here are quick and easy suggestions.

1. Hair Accessories can Make a Difference. It's the holidays so give yourself a chance to be a little loud. You can experiment with shiny and sparkly hair accessories which work best for short hair. Headbands and dazzling hair clips or barrettes instantly add a touch of glam.
2. Bring on the Shine. Whether you have short or long hair, clear glaze that highlights your hair's color and shine is a welcome thing this season. You can have it done professionally or do it yourself with store-bought home treatments.
3. Ride the Waves. Power meetings all throughout the year may have gotten you branded as the Snow queen or Miranda Priestly. Surprise everyone at the annual christmas party with an elegant and very feminine do. Apply setting lotion to clean dry hair before using the curling iron and you'll easily get soft waves like Reese Witherspoon.

Choosing holiday hairstyles should be fun. It shouldn't make you spend hours just to get a new look. You can experiment with hair accessories, play with color treatments or add shine just to jazz things up. Who knows, you might just find a hairstyle that you'd like to keep all year round.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Long Hair and High Style

Hairstyle trends are never static. They can't be, by definition alone. Trends are always on the move, evolving and reviving, over and over again. Trends in hair and fashion are an inevitable response to the varied and often very subtle shifts occurring in arenas as diverse as popular culture, fringe subculture, world politics, even the economy.

Trendy hipster glasses paired with a timeless hairstyle
The stunning long blonde mane of supermodel Daphne Groeneveld

But what does remain (comparatively) static is genuine style. The embracing of one's individual preferences, regardless of what's so hot right now, is a mark of true refinement. It's what separates the everyday from the extraordinary.

Models with long straight hair
Daphne Groeneveld, Karen Elson, Kristen McMenamy and Naomi Campbell

Ever noticed how supermodels nearly always have long hair? The designers who hire them don't want to merely be associated with fashion. Fashion is, after all, for the masses; it's genuine style that is for the elite. And it's the elite for whom top-end designers wish to cater their brands.

Beautiful long black hair
Naomi Campbell

My point? Short hair may be on trend, but long hair is timeless. Long hair is classic. When properly cared for, long hair is truly a thing of beauty and will place its owner a cut above the rest.

Long haired models
Naomi Campbell, Kristen McMenamy, Karen Elson and Daphne Groeneveld

Fashion has its place, to be sure. Fashion is a lot of fun. It may be looked upon as frivolous, yet it represents so much about the world at large, so much about the time in which we live.

But style? Style represents the individual. So which would you rather be?

Stunning red hair, long straight hairstyle
Karen Elson